DCI expands electronic warfare training

Défense Conseil International (DCI), the operator of the Ministry of the Armed Forces for the international transfer of French military know-how, is expanding its electronic warfare offering by developing training to improve protection of helicopters and, more broadly, of slow platforms (tactical transport, etc).

DCI EW training

First electronic warfare training for European countries

Provided for the first time to a group of officers from the Belgian and Austrian armed forces, this training has been developed in direct agreement with military staff to meet their specific requirements. Jean-Michel Palagos, Chairman and CEO of DCI, said: “Owing to the rapid changes occurring in electronic warfare threats, equipment and technologies, knowledge must constantly be updated. We are very proud to have developed this electronic warfare training, an area in which the French armed forces excel, for partner countries such as Austria and Belgium.”

The one-week course improves knowledge of existing threats, their detection and the identification of appropriate responses via acoustic, infrared and electromagnetic protection systems. Dedicated instructional software (IRES1 and MAP2) is used to illustrate operational missions in a context of electronic warfare.

Upskilling in the detection of threats to slow platforms

The specificity of the training lies both in its high standard of expertise and its novelty. To develop the course, DCI worked with a number of experts from defence, industry and research, thus covering technological trends currently under study in order to integrate threats that are hard to detect such as small calibre equipment against helicopters in urban areas.

This new course enhances the skills of DCI’s electronic warfare experts by expanding the scope to combat helicopters and tactical transport aircraft, a fast-growing sector due to these platforms’ high exposure