DCNS present at ADEX 2016 from 27 to 30 September at Baku, Azerbaijan

DCNS will participate in ADEX 2016, Azerbaijan International Defence Industry which will be held at Baku in Azerbaijan from 27 to 30 September 2016. As a leader in naval defence, DCNS is willing to develop a long term and strategic partnership with Azerbaijan and to provide the best naval solutions necessary to significantly strengthen sovereignty and autonomy for Azerbaijani forces.

DCNS is eager to propose naval solutions able to meet the needs of public service missions, policing missions, maritime control operations and any other missions such as pollution control, diver support, deployment of special forces, logistic operations and training. In this purpose, DCNS is showcasing In Baku:

Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs): DCNS offers a complete range of ships from 40 to 95 m long designed for State action at sea. This wide range comprises robust, reliable ships that are easy to operate and maintain, fitted with mission systems meeting the needs of the customer. It includes offshore patrol vessels, multi-mission ships, and specialised ships such as maritime training ships, landing ships and hydrographic survey ships.

DCNS POLARIS® Combat System is designed to fulfil Navies and Coast Guards’ needs for surveillance, littoral zone protection and Economical Exclusive Zone protection missions. Able to detect and identify at an early stage potential threats, it offers scalable functionalities and full capability to work in close cooperation with all the involved units, either ships or shore based centres.

Through its wide range of services, from training to technology transfer, DCNS is present on the whole ship’s lifecycle, supporting its client on the design and building phases and the through-life support.

To achieve its global assistance, DCNS positions itself to build a strategic partnership with Azerbaijani shipyards. With a long tradition of cooperations, DCNS has consistently demonstrated that it can be a key partner for navies, giving its customers full control of their sovereignty.

DCNS selected by Australian Government and shortlisted by the Norwegian Government

DCNS, with the Shortfin Barracuda, has recently been chosen by Australian government as its strategic partner for the SEA 1000 program for the next 50 years. This decision is the start of an exclusive negotiation process.

The Group has also been shortlisted this year by the Norwegian Ministry of Defence as one of the two potential candidates for the replacement of its submarine fleet.