DEFEA 2023

All those who visited DEFEA in 2021, at the Metropolitan Expo exhibition centre is located close to the Athens International Airport, were positively surprised by the considerable improvements of the venue itself, as well as by the increasing number of exhibitors, the 2023 edition being hosted in three halls, compared to the two and a half of the first edition.

Unfortunately the timing was not the best, Greek political elections being planned a couple of weeks after the event, their issue possibly affecting some of the Hellenic Armed Forces acquisition plans, however attendance was considerable, with high ranking delegations up to Ministers of Defence level visiting the exhibition.

Numerous new systems were exhibited, mostly by the Greek industry, unmanned air systems being probably the most numerous among the unveilings.

With the Hellenic Air Force having had its share of new aircraft and weapons, and the Navy half-way through, the decision on corvettes being still pending, it is now the turn of the Hellenic Army to modernise, especially in the vehicles segment, heavies such as main battle tanks awaiting to be updated while new armoured infantry fighting vehicles should be acquired, to mention only the major programmes. International defence groups were present at DEFEA showing their offers, in model or in real, all awaiting decisions that will definitely come in the future, how much on short term or longer one being a question mark, at least until the elections, politics being not the only issue as also financing is always a critical element.

Hereafter EDR On-Line readers can find articles on some of the new items exhibited at DEFEA as well as some other subjects of interest.

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