Défense Conseil International secures the renewal of its ISO 9001 certification

DCI, operator of France’s Ministry for Armed Forces for the transfer of French military know-how around the world, announces the renewal of its ISO 9001 certification for the activities of its headquarters and its training centres in France and in the Middle East. This certification is a major priority for DCI, as ISO 9001 standard has evolved in 2015 to focus more on performance. DCI shows it has incorporated the new requirements of the standard, notably by training 13 employees and by implementing it within the company’s processes.

Jean-Michel Palagos, DCI Chairman and CEO, highlights: “The renewal of this certification demonstrates our commitment towards our customers and partners, deeply embedded in our culture. We have adapted our company processes for a more effective approach of delivered services”.

Since the first ISO 9001 certification audit in 2002, applying to Paris, Toulon, Brest and Cherbourg facilities, DCI has constantly broadened the scope of certification. Thus in 2011, United Arab Emirates’ and Saudi Arabia’s permanent offices have been certified, then the Draguignan International Training Centre in 2012. Lastly, Qatar’s permanent office and the French Defence Aeronautical Institute in Rochefort were successfully certified in 2015. This year, coinciding with the renewal and the inclusion of new requirements of the certification, the Academic and Aeronautical International Training Centre of Salon-de-Provence is certified.

The audit was conducted by AFNOR Certification, French leader and one of the first certification organisms worldwide, renowned for its ethic and experience. This year, the auditor has particularly emphasised: “The great adaptability of DCI to customers’ needs along with the excellent operational control of trainings, consulting and assistance services and logistical support”, but also “the very comprehensive level of reporting to customers showing the quality of delivered service”.