Defenture ATTV: a third competitor for the NL/D airmobile vehicles contracts

Paolo Valpolini

Created in 2013 to answer he needs of light tactical vehicles for Dutch Special Forces, Defenture has developed a dedicated chassis known as GRF 5.12 that is used as the base for numerous platform variants, configured using the company DMDP (Defenture Modular Design Principle). Fitted since inception with multiple tie-down points for transportation by different platforms, including aircraft, the GRF 5.12 has a curb weight of 2,450 kg and a payload of 2,150 kg.

The company based in Tiel, 90 km east of The Hague, exploited this baseline chassis to develop the Air Transportable Tactical Vehicle (ATTV), first aimed at Dutch Special Forces, which have it now in service under the name “Vector”.

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Although not new, it makes sense describing the ATTV as it is the third competitor for two requirements, the one awaited from the Netherlands and that for the German Rapid Deployment Division, the two bids totalling, according to available information, some 3,000 vehicles with a one-third two-thirds split.

Exhibited at Eurosatory, together with the Scorpion 6.6 Tactical Diesel Squad, another product aimed at SF and light infantry, the ATTV has a GVW of 4,700 kg and a 1,440 kg payload. It is 5.1 meters long, 1.8 meters wide and 2.205 meters high, however to allow it being transported inside a CH-47F Chinook, as required, the ring mount can be folded, reducing the height to 1.87 meters. Considering the length two such vehicles should not fit inside a Chinook, as per German requirements, however many people doubt that this will remain a firm requirement.

The ATTV is powered by a multifuel Steyr M160053-B 6-cylinder 3.2 litres diesel engine providing 160 kW (215 hp) coupled to ZF 6HP280 six-speed, automatic transmission. The powerpack gives a 34 kW/t (46 hp/t) power-to-weight ratio that coupled with the 500 Nm torque ensures maximum mobility, further enhanced by racing-type fully independent suspensions adopted. The 115 litres fuel tank ensures an 800 km operational range.

The ATTV has a ground clearance of 340 mm unloaded, angles of approach and departure being respectively 46.5° and 43.5°, and it can ford up to 750 mm. As standard it is provided with the front steering axle, which ensures a 13.5 meters turning circle; this can be reduced to 9 meters should the customer opt to add rear steering axle. As most vehicles of this type the ATTV is not armoured, however a kit can be installed providing Level 1 ballistic and antimine protection.

For the German programme Defenture has linked up with Krauss-Maffei Wegmann.

Photos by P. Valpolini