Defenture delivers first vehicle of a follow-up series ATTVs for the Dutch 11 Air Mobile Brigade

Tiel, Netherlands, October 16, 2023. On December 19, 2022, the Dutch Defense Materiel Organization (DMO), now COMMIT (Material and IT Command), awarded Defenture the contract for the delivery of 41 air transportable tactical vehicles (ATTVs). These Defenture GRF vehicles (better known as Vector within the Dutch Ministry of Defense) are intended for the 11 Air Mobile Brigade (11LMB). On October 13, 2023, Defenture handed over the first test vehicle to COMMIT. This vehicle will first be tested and also equipped with all communication equipment before it is handed over to the 11 Air Mobile Brigade.

Defenture is proud that the Dutch 11 Air Mobile Brigade will be using the GRF. At the same time, Defenture is assembling the remaining 40 vehicles according to the contract. Defenture has been supplying light tactical and air transportable vehicles to the Dutch Ministry of Defense for almost 10 years. The Dutch Ministry of Defense currently has 75 GRF vehicles in its fleet, mainly with the Special Operation Forces (Korps Commandotroepen).

From day one, Defenture has focused on making the GRF the new benchmark within the segment of light tactical and air transportable mobile platforms. Since then, the GRF is the mobile platform of choice for various international Special Operations Forces and Air Mobile Brigades. The vehicle was developed closely together with the Dutch Special Operation Forces (Korps Commandotroepen) and well-known knowledge institutes. The GRF vehicles have now been in operational use for several years. Since then, global demand for the vehicle has been growing tremendously.

In 2020, COMMIT also awarded Defenture a contract for the development, production and maintenance of approximately 300 Military Diesel Quads, the Scorpion, for Dutch Ministry of Defence Defense units such as the Special Operation Forces and Royal Marines. In addition, Defenture is at an advanced stage with the development and delivery of a, from the GRF derived, larger type of vehicle with a payload of approximately 4000 kg. called the Mammoth. This vehicle is being developed specifically for and in cooperation with the German Kommando Speziale Kräfte (KSK).

Military-specific modular vehicle systems, based on an identical platform such as the Defenture GRF and Mammoth, are the future. The vehicles have been developed in close collaboration with users and well-known knowledge institutes, ensuring uniformity and interoperability between the systems for countries that have Defenture vehicles in service. The armed forces of both Germany and Switzerland are now using various versions and configurations from the Defenture portfolio.

To facilitate growth, Defenture is expanding significantly in terms of both personnel and housing. Specialists from the automotive and manufacturing industries join forces to produce, supply and maintain the most reliable and safe vehicles with the lowest possible life cycle costs.

Henk van der Scheer, CEO Defenture: “Defenture has invested for years in creating a new benchmark in the light tactical segment. Our vehicles increasingly contribute to global safety and freedom. With the Defenture platforms we guarantee that those who protect us can carry out their missions as secure as possible and return safely from the most extreme circumstances. Our mission is to make the impossible possible every day.”

Photo courtesy Defenture