Dutch MoD: Defence receives tenders for new submarines

28-07-2023 – State Secretary for Defence Christophe van der Maat informed the House of Representatives today that the Ministry of Defence has received replies to its invitation to tender for the delivery of four new submarines. The 3 candidate yards competing for the contract are Naval Group, Saab Kockums and ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems.

The tenders had to be submitted by today at the latest. Now that they have been received, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) can start the assessment process, after which the award decision will be made. This process is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024.

The candidate yards also submitted their proposals for industrial cooperation, which will later be formalised in an Industrial Cooperation Agreement (ICA), to the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy today. ICAs are concluded to strengthen the Dutch Defence Technological and Industrial Base (NLDTIB). The winning yard will be expected to contribute to this base.

The proposals for industrial cooperation will be assessed by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy. This assessment will be separate from the MoD’s tender assessment.

Effective weapon platforms

Submarines are among the most effective weapon platforms of the armed forces. Replacing the vessels will be the MoD’s largest materiel project in the coming years. Following the signing of the contract, it will take about 10 years for the first 2 submarines to be commissioned, not least because they have yet to be built and complete sea trials.

The submarine service will in the meantime continue to operate the Walrus-class boats. 2 of the 4 boats currently in service will in time be decommissioned. Their parts will subsequently be used for the maintenance of the remaining boats.

Walrus-class boat photo courtesy of Dutch MoD