EDGE Group to supply MANSUP Series Anti-Ship Systems to the Brazilian Navy

Dubai, United Arab Emirates –14 November, 2023 EDGE, one of the world’s leading advanced technology and defence groups, has announced the sale of extended range National Surface Anti-Ship Missiles (MANSUP-ER), and the sale of the shorter-range version of the advanced system, to the Brazilian Navy in a deal worth approximately AED 0.6 billion.

The Letter of Intent (LOI) was officially signed at EDGE’s stand at Dubai Airshow, currently taking place at Dubai World Central, and was signed by Mansour AlMulla, Managing Director & CEO of EDGE Group, and Rear Admiral Marcelo Menezes Cardoso, Director of Navy Weapons Systems of the Brazilian Navy.

Mansour AlMulla, Managing Director & CEO of EDGE Group, said:”EDGE is continuously pushing the boundaries to become a major market player in high-tech defence systems. Our expanding partnerships in Brazil, particularly with the Brazilian Navy, are enabling us to leverage our experience and expertise to develop advanced defence capabilities and other related technologies across multiple domains. We are confident that the MANSUP-ER system will disrupt the domination held for years by existing incumbent solutions.”

Co-developed with the Brazilian Navy, and Brazilian Smart Weapons and High-Tech System specialist, SIATT, in which EDGE has a 50% shareholding, the EDGE MANSUP-ER systems have been developed to meet the defence requirements of both the UAE Navy, the Brazilian Navy’s Frigate programme, and for international export. EDGE is currently in advanced discussions with a number of potential customers for the long-range surface-to-surface missile, which features adaptive sea-skimming capabilities, has a range of 200 km, and is fitted with inertial guidance and active radar homing. MANSUP solutions are undergoing intensive testing by Brazil’s naval fleet, and will eventually also be adapted for integration onto selected air and land systems.

Rear Admiral Marcelo Menezes Cardoso, Director of Navy Weapons Systems of the Brazilian Navy, added: “Today marks a significant milestone in strengthening the partnership between the Brazilian Navy, SIATT, and EDGE, as we sign this letter of intent for the supply of our advanced MANSUP-ER anti-ship missiles. This collaboration is a testament to our joint commitment to innovation in the co-development of state-of-the-art defence technology to enhance our naval capabilities and safeguard our maritime interests.”

The deal is the first to emerge from the cooperation agreement signed by EDGE and the Brazilian Navy at the LAAD defence exhibition in Rio de Janeiro in April this year for the co-development of advanced long-range anti-ship missile technology, as part of the MANSUP national anti-ship missile project, for which SIATT provides the guidance, navigation, control and telemetry systems.

Photo courtesy EDGE