Elbit Systems: more info and pictures on the Seagull USV in production for an Asia-Pacific country

15 February 2021 – On January 13th Elbit Systems announced it was awarded a contract for its Seagull USV from an undisclosed Asia-Pacific country. To read the Press release please click HERE.

Today the company added some extra information on that contract and provided some photos of the systems under production.

The Seagull USV was designed in cooperation with the Dutch Ginton Naval Architects and built by the De Haas Maassluis shipyard. The Seagull was named the Ship of The Year 2017 by the Royal Dutch Association of Shipping Technicians (KNVTS).

Following the aforementioned contract award, the company has begun to produce new Seagulls in the Netherlands to be supplied to the Asian-Pacific customer during the next year and a half.

The USVs are being built by the De Haas Maassluis shipyard, located near Rotterdam.

In the attached pictures (click on the pix to enlarge) we can see the production process of the USV’s hull (its “body”). The procedure is usually performed with the hull being turned upside-down  because this is the heaviest part of the vessel. The “ribs” are then welded in high heat to the body.  

Photos courtesy Elbit Systems