Elettronica Group on board of the new PPA “Thaon di Revel” with its Naval EW suite

15 June 2019 – Today with the ship launch of the first PPA “Thaon di Revel”, a new season for the Italian Navy to face the new challenging naval scenarios starts.

Elettronica group is on board of this innovative platform with its Naval Electronic Warfare new generation suite, which also proves the great integration work performed together with Leonardo and Fincantieri.

Since 1960, Elettronica has supplied EW Systems to Navies of twenty-eight Countries in five Continents, and its systems are on board of the major Italian Navy ships, as Horizon and FREMM frigates and Cavour Carrier.

The PPA “Thaon di Revel” class is provided with an EW Naval Suite which can be considered as the most innovative proposal in the field of the Soft-Kill capability, conceived to fulfil the most stringent requirements of the Naval Electronic Defence for Electronic Support and Electronic Attack, matching the experience gained through the Horizon and FREMM program with the continuous pursuit and used of advance solutions and technologies.

When developing the new EW suite, Elettronica has considered as mandatory the task to provide a solution to fulfil at the best the new Concept of Operation coming from the actual and future naval scenarios and to grant a high operational availability and easy and economically sustainable support and maintenance.

The new EW Suite of Elettronica is characterised by an innovative architecture that leverages the natural evolution of EW passive sensors (RESM/CESM) and actuators (RECM) to achieve a fully integrated, compact, optimized but still scalable solution.

It can manage as well remote EW sensor on-board of ASW/ASuW Helo and/or UAV, enhancing the surveillance capability over-the-horizon.

The whole system is managed by a command and control unit called EWMU (Electronic Warfare Management Unit) which fuses and synthesizes all the information perceived both in the radar and communication field.

The technology is based on an enhanced intensive use of the latest development in the field of Digital Signal Processing, and solid state Active Electronically Steerable Array (AESA) technology.

The Antenna Phased Array actuators are based on the latest active phased array design using GaN (Gallium Nitride) T/R modules, combining high performances with reduced dimensions and weight when compared with the current GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) modules.

The fully solid-state architecture also ensures high ERP and graceful degradation in case of multiple T/R module failures.

Elettronica EW system are more and more based on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, also aimed to protect in the near future against Cyber Attack.

The EW Suite of Elettronica provides effectiveness both in Blue Water and Littoral operation, combining the ship Self-protection and High Value Target protection capability through its ESM and ECM subsystems, with an enhanced Maritime Surveillance and Situation Assessment.

Photo by Luca Peruzzi