Euronaval 2022: Scopa supports Saudi Arabia Vision 2030 through French and EU industrial partnerships

Luca Peruzzi

The Saudi Arabian Ajlan & Bros family group’s Scopa subsidiary is present at Euronaval 2022 exhibition together with the Saudi Arabia Minister of Investment (MISA) and the support of the General Authority of Military Industries (GAMI). The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) is ranked as the 6th largest defense spender in the world in 2021 behind the United States, China, India, Russia, and the UK. Under the Vision 2030 economic diversification programme, Saudi Arabia aims to localize more than 50% of its military spending by 2030. So far, KSA has increased its localization rate from 2% in 2016 to 13% in 2022.

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“Scopa is here at the Euronaval exhibition to enhance its relationships with French and European industries and to create profitable and long-term partnership agreements including joint-ventures, to localize military production, services and R&D developments in Saudi Arabia,” said Faisal Bin Dos, the Chief Technical Officer of Scopa, a subsidiary of the Ajlan & Bros family group. With over 15 billion $ assets, 15,000+ employees, and strong partnerships with leading global companies around the world, the latter is one of the preeminent industrial companies in KSA that contributes creating organic military industries, modernizing Saudi Arabia Forces, and reaching the global defense and security market.

Through its industrial reality and the support of MISA, Scopa aims at creating a profitable and long-term and defined cooperation on both ends, to allow the local defence industrial texture to grow up as requested by the KSA Government.

“We are proposing to our potential partners to become shareholders of the Saudi Arabia industrial texture, providing them all the support in terms of industrial involvement, warehouse and what is requested to ensure a long and profitable market in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region”.

Photos courtesy L. Peruzzi