European Parliament: reporting on Defence Procurement and Defence Equipment Transfers directives

Defence procurement in Europe is a touchy issue, as cooperation among countries is often limited by differences in military requirements and by workforce protection policies. Europe has few major defence champions, usually competing between them on European as well as export markets, while a plethora of SMEs often provide innovative products, thinking out of the box, but suffer the dynamics of  limited and protected markets.

The European Parliament and the Council issued in 2009 two directives, usually known as the “Defence Procurement Directive” (2009/81/EC) and the “Transfers Directive” (2009/43/EC).

One year ago Kris Peeters, a Belgian Member of the European Parliament  who is also a member of the Committee on the Internal Market and Consumer Protection as well as of the Subcommittee on Security and Defence was tasked to provide a report on the implementation of the two directives.

To read the DRAFT Report please click HERE