Eurosatory 2024

For the 16th time Eurosatory opens its doors to the land defence industry, to which along the years security and then emergency services were added.

With the war between Russia and Ukraine still ongoing, platforms, weapons and systems related to peer-to-peer confrontation in a new multi-domain battlespace dominate the defence side of the exhibition, other issued being the need to switch to an industry model capable to sustain a long lasting confrontation, something that was not much forecasted as most hypothesis were made on wars lasting a few months and not extending for years. The need to increase the ammunition production and that of deploying a higher number of platforms are just two examples.

In this uncertain world police and security forces are key to prevent terrorism and violent crimes, which now go well beyond the physical domain, cybercrime becoming an issue.

As for emergency services, natural and human-induced catastrophes are a daily issue.

Some 2,000 exhibitors of those three sectors are showcasing their products at the Parc des Expositions de Villepinte during the five-day event organised by COGES.

This year the defence industry community will lack the colleagues of one nation, Israel. Less than three weeks from the inauguration, the French government decided to ban Israeli industries from Eurosatory. Considering how long the organisation starts when a company decides to take part into such an event, it is easy to imagine the damages caused, financial ones first but not only. Of course COGES could only accept that decision.

Without entering into any political issue, we must underline that no explanation was given for that decision. Was it based on political issues? Was it due to security reasons? Who knows? But if a political decision is not declared as such, it becomes useless. If the answer is security, then what will do France in a few weeks, ask Israeli athletes not to join the Olympics?

A decision that casts a shadow over the 2024 edition of what is considered by all the benchmark of land defence exhibitions.

That said, this year was a record edition in terms of exhibitors, visitors and delegations, compared to the record-edition fo 2022. Here are the figures of Eurosatory 2024:

  • 2,028 exhibitors from 61 countries (+16%)
  • More than 76,000 professional entries over the 5 days
  • More than 42,000 unique professional visitors, 44% of whom are international (+23%)
  • 355 official delegations from 92 countries
  • 634 journalists from all over the world
  • More than 450 internal speakers

Eurosatory 2024 was dense of novelties, new systems being unveiled at pace in the first two days, sometime the events even overlapping. Hereafter EDR On-Line readers will find the reports over a selection of those novelties, and we underline “a selection”, as covering 100% of Eurosatory is definitely mission impossible!

BAE Systems Ordnance Systems Inc.; more and improved ammunition and energetics for the US and its allies

Mercedes-Benz Special Trucks: Zetros 8×8 and not only

ST Engineering pushes forward on its hybrid-powered propulsion systems

EUROSAM: SAMP/T NG becomes multi-range multi-layer

KNDS Loitering Munitions: Larinae and Colibri

Saab Deployable Health Care: bringing medical support forward

Michelin unveils new tires and rubber tracks

ST Engineering details its AGIL AI-enabled systems

TDW details its PARM NextGen antitank mine

Teledyne FLIR Black Recon: integral reconnaissance UAS for armoured vehicles gets closer to reality

BMC chassis with armoured cabin first appearance

STRiX: an all-electric dirt bike from Slovenia

MBDA Akeron family grows: Ground Warden BLOS for the MP missile and soon new loitering munitions

SOFRAME presents its Fardier MkII and its HE441 UGVs

Ermine, a new mobility for airmobile and light troops from Rheinmetall

Leopard 2 A-CR 3.0, the KNDS Deutschland proposal to the Bundeswehr

KNDS ASCALON gun system becomes a family

EDGE in Europe

Mine warfare looms large as peer warfare returns to the cards

SIG UK details plans for growing footprint

A new tool for snipers: Sako TRG 62 A1 9.5×77 mm rifle

Patria unveils the FAMOUS concept vehicle

SUGV 235, a new manportable modular robot by Teledyne FLIR Defense

Rheinmetall/Lockheed Martin GMARS gets close to first firing

Drailer, the Arquus multi-mission ground robot

The MRAP is dead, long life to the MRAP: first public appearance of SOFRAME Sakhar

Pearson Engineering breaks ground with minefield breaching system for RCVs

Rheinmetall looking beyond the Panther KF51

From Leopard 2A8 and Leclerc XLR to MGCS: the KNDS roadmap towards the future MBT

MAV’Rx brings Arquus on the frontline

EuroTrophy now well deserves its Europe definition

Leonardo unveils the AW249 Fenice, the new Italian Army combat helicopter

Opening the path for combat units: Rheinmetall unveils its Keiler Next Generation

BAE Systems unveils its Tridon Mk2 C-UAS system