Exensor Technology receives additional Flexnet UGS orders for Swedish Armed Forces

21 Dec 2021 – On December 2021, FMV ─ the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration ─ once again awarded Exensor Technology a major contract for the supply of the Flexnet Unattended Ground Sensor (UGS) capability. Following the major order received in June for the Swedish National Security Forces – this second order is dedicated to several units within the Swedish Armed Forces. Under the terms of this contract worth over 10M€, a significant number of UGS systems will be delivered over the 2022-2024 time frame.

Last Summer, Exensor Technology was selected by FMV for the supply of UGS systems to the Swedish National Security Forces. The new agreement signed in December 2021 further strengthens the strategic partnership and reinforces Exensor’s leading position in the field of UGS.

As part of the new order, Exensor will provide dedicated and tailored UGS systems to a number of units within the Swedish Armed Forces. Each system comprises a portfolio of passive seismic-acoustic and infrared sensors, as well as intelligent motion cameras for the detection, classification and identification of any potential threat on the ground. Systems will be extended to include additional capabilities such as mast mounted cameras, tactical radars and long-range surveillance cameras, as well as maintenance and supply of spare parts.

Flexnet is a force multiplier offering a compact and lightweight footprint for easy transportation and concealment, allowing rapid deployment in remote areas of interests. The system provides early, real-time warning, as well as an increased situational awareness to facilitate decision-making.

Initially developed for self-protection of military forces deployed on operations, Flexnet is now entirely customizable and can be used for various applications, ranging from section level force protection to tactical surveillance of fixed installations.

Yet another important milestone for Exensor, this new contract confirms once again the strategic decision of FMV and FM to implement the use of UGS widespread within the Swedish Armed Forces.

Photo courtesy Exensor