► Fincantieri 2018 consolidated financial statements and draft financial statements of the parent company

Trieste, February 25, 2019 – The Board of Directors of FINCANTIERI S.p.A. (“Fincantieri” or the “Company”), chaired by Giampiero Massolo, has approved the Consolidated financial statements at December 31, 2018, the draft financial statements of the parent company at December 31, 2018, prepared in accordance with international financial reporting and accounting standards (IAS/IFRS) and the Consolidated Non-financial Statement at December 31, 2018 pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 254/2016.

During the Board meeting Giuseppe Bono, Chief Executive Officer of Fincantieri, said: “The results we have presented prove once again that our Company is a leader, a landmark in the worldwide shipbuilding industry, a network of excellences that share knowledge and resources in many fields. The relevant increase in revenues that have grown by almost 10% is only the first step in the growth path aiming at an approximate 50% increase of volumes by 2022 requiring a high organizational effort and a clear vision of the future challenges.

The total backlog of almost 34 billion euro (approximately 2% of the Italian GDP), together with the long term workload visibility, sustain the development of leading-edge supply chain and technology districts, thus creating a flywheel effect on the subcontractor network and fostering the Italian export and innovation. The backlog also assure long term visibility for all the Italian shipyards of the Group and for the large and diversified supply chain network, hence providing financial stability. These are unique results, not only in the industrial segment in which we operate, but also across all Industries.

We received evidence, once again, of our ability to combine the best Italian competencies and to manage complex projects in the infrastructure field. Fincantieri stood out for the reconstruction of the bridge over the Polcevera river, putting its excellence at service of the Country for a project that aims not only at restoring a key-infrastructure, but also at mending Genoa’s community, a city where our Group sets its solid roots”.

Bono concluded: “I wish to thank all of our workers and contractors that together form our global network, for the unparalleled support to the success of Fincantieri. I am confident that their effort and passion will further increase to sustain the growth entailed by our backlog and to continue conferring to our products their added value that is so praised and rewarded by the market”.

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Photo courtesy Fincantieri