SeaFuture 2023 – First public appearance of MBDA Italy Next Generation V-SHORAD concept mock-up

Paolo Valpolini

At SeaFuture, the naval exhibition taking place in La Spezia, Italy 5-8 June, MBDA Italy showcased for the first time the concept mock-up of its Next Generation V-SHORAD missile

Unveiled at the Italian Army Chief Lt.Gen. Pietro Serino before the Defence Commission, the Next Generation V-SHORAD missile being developed by MBDA Italy aims at replacing the Stinger, currently in service with Italian Army Air Defence units, providing the shorter range arm of the layered system that will be formed by the SAMP/T NG, the Grifo, based on the CAMM ER missile, and finally the NG V-SHORAD.

Not much is unveiled as the system is in the concept development phase. At a first estimate, and assuming the mock up is at 1:1 scale, the missile, which will be definitely fitted with an IIR sensor, is around 1.5 meters long, its diameter being roughly 70 mm.

According to information previously provided by the company, qualification activities should be carried out in 2025-26.

Photo by P. Valpolini