FN Herstal presents its totally revamped FN Five-seveN® handgun: enhanced design, improved ergonomics and better usability

Direction Déléguée Financière et Juridique

(Herstal, Belgium) – 7 June 2022 – The FN Five-seveN® turns MRD A significant number of key improvementshave been brought to the FN Five-seveN®in response to evolving user requirements: enhanced design, improved ergonomics and better usability. Its original performances remain unchanged.

The new configuration, with the designation FN Five-seveN® Mk3 MRD, is compatible with most commonly used mini red dot sightsfor fast target acquisition and maximised hit probability. The pistol grip features a multi-surfaced texturefor perfect grip and faster follow-up shots, and enhanced, wider grooves on the slide for easier cocking and press check.

Available in black or flat dark earth (FDE), the pistol can fire subsonic cartridges, using the optional long threaded barrel and sound suppressor. With three decades of trusted service with regular military forces, Law Enforcement and Special Forces worldwide, the FN Five-seveN® pistol is extremely reliable and military qualified by FN Herstal.

Quick and accurate follow up shots with a NATO standardised calibre

Together with the FN P90® submachine gun and 5.7x28mm cartridge, the FN Five-seveN® constitutes the iconic FN® 5.7x28mm Weapon System fully designed and developed by FN Herstal. The 5.7x28mm calibre is now recognised as a NATO standard(STANAG 4509). This new milestone ensures critical interoperability in missions by aligning with the FN SS190 Reference Ammunition.

Photo courtesy FN Herstal