Galvion to demo new Nerv Centr® Hub Application at SOFIC ‘22

May 12th 2022Galvion, a world leader in the design and manufacture of integrated, soldier-worn power and data management solutions, with operationally proven pedigree in NATO countries, is excited to be demonstrating their new Nerv Centr® Hub Application at SOFIC 2022.  Developed to support their recently launched Man-Worn Power and Data capabilities, the Hub Application offers users the ability to monitor real-time power usage in order to more effectively plan for future missions.   Galvion’s new Hub Application, along with the full suite of Nerv Centr® power and data provision and management solutions, and next generation Batlskin® head systems, will be on display at SOFIC ’22 in booth #2024.

Missions today depend on charged equipment more than ever before, and the complexity of sustaining soldiers on the battlefield expands and shifts with every new technology.  Radios, NVGs, GPS, smart phones, laptops, drones, and other surveillance equipment all demand significant power, and the ability to manage that power efficiently is mission-critical.  The new Nerv Centr® Hub Application is designed specifically to make the job of real-time power management for the modern operator much easier.

Simple to use, with an intuitive, easy to understand user interface, the Application allows the user to monitor and analyze power usage.  Some features in Live Power mode include estimated remaining run time based on attached power and devices, low power alert and voltmeter to enable optimal solar blanket positioning.  The Application also allows for after-mission Power Analysis which offers a more detailed understanding of power usage and allows for comparisons to be made across users.  Mission data can then be included in the Power Modeling tool, which analyzes historical and modeled power usage in order to predict future mission needs and enable more precise logistic and support planning. This minimizes battery burden and maximizes run times and efficiency.  The Nerv Centr® Hub Application will be available as an enhanced feature for Galvion’s 4-port Power & Data Hub (PDH-4) and will be Android and ATAK compatible.

Kristen Lomastro, President of Active Systems, said: “This is a very proud moment for the Active Systems division at Galvion.  Our Software Development group has been refining this Application for a number of years through our future-focused development work, and to now be able to demo this for a wider end-user group is a really important and exciting milestone for the team.”  Lomastro continued: “Galvion is well-known for our intelligent power and power management hardware solutions and we see software as the next logical capability enhancement opportunity for operators.  Everything that we do here starts with the question ‘how can we make life easier and make missions safer, for the warfighter’. This Application will offer real operational advantages to JTACs, communication specialists and tactical leaders, allowing lighter logistic loads and substantiated, accurate power planning for future missions.” 

Photo courtesy Galvion