German Navy and BAAINBw qualify Leonardo 127 mm Vulcano ammunition

Together with the German Navy, the Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and Use of the Bundeswehr ( BAAINBw), and two of its military technical offices have successfully provided evidence that the new 127 mm Vulcano ammunition can be introduced into the Bundeswehr.

Careful preparation enables successful tests

Acceptance shooting aining at demonstratig the accuracy of the new ammunition was carried out on the northern coast of  Norway with the frigate Rheinland-Pfalz. While the crew of the frigate maneuvered their ship into the assigned firing position, the previously installed measuring and recording technology could be started in the target area. Several boats, together with aerial reconnaissance, secured the adjacent access preventiing other ships from entering the danger area.

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The Defense Technical Service Center for Ships and Naval Weapons, Maritime Technology and Research, WTD Defense Technical Service 71 in short, and the Defense Technical Service for Weapons and Ammunition, WTD Defense Technical Service 91, accompanied the entire project with their experts and the necessary complex technology.

The result was known shortly after the projectiles were fired. Several Vulcano projectiles struck just a few meters apart in the immediate vicinity of the target marker. Both the responsible project manager in the BAAINBw and the Navy were then able to confirm the required accuracy of the new ammunition.

What’s next?

After the so-called “approval for use” has been granted this year, the procurement of the new munition will start quickly and will probably be completed by the end of 2026.

Source BAAINBw

Unofficial translation by EDR On-Line

Photos courtesy BAAINBw/Grman Navy