HENSOLDT presents data fusion capability at DSEi 2023

London, 12 September 2023 – At DSEi 2023, sensor solutions provider HENSOLDT will be showcasing its “Ceretron” sensor suite. This is integrated into the “Multi-Utility-Vehicle” (MUV) and has already proven its detection capability and operational capability in an uncontrolled scenario with the German Army.

With more complex combat situations and the associated increase in combat value of armoured vehicles with optical, optronic and radar sensors, the volume of data to be analysed also increases. In order to avoid information overkill, HENSOLDT has an innovative solution in its portfolio with “Ceretron”. The sensor suite combines sensors, merges their data streams, evaluates them in real time, processes them and provides the vehicle crew and the entire battle group with an AI-supported operational picture. In this way, military-relevant information is provided automatically on an ad hoc basis. In this way, decisions can be made even faster and more intelligently in the future.

“For the realisation and further development of ‘Ceretron’, HENSOLDT has the necessary and specific understanding of sensors in the entire spectral range,” says Tanya Altmann, Head of HENSOLDT’s Optronics & Land Solutions Division. “Through the automated AI-supported evaluation of sensor data, we significantly accelerate the situational awareness process for planning and decision-making. We therefore want to contribute this expertise, proven in practical scenarios at the German Army, to future programmes, such as D-LBO in Germany and FOXTROT in the Netherlands, together with our partners.”

“Ceretron” can be flexibly configured to meet the requirements of each mission. It can network a wide range of heterogeneous sensors that come from the extensive HENSOLDT portfolio or from third-party systems. This modularity allows maximum flexibility to adapt the solution to the capability-related requirements of military users.

With this sensor suite, HENSOLDT ensures information superiority and at the same time relieves the user through the use of decentralised artificial intelligence. This enables effective and highly efficient reconnaissance, target acquisition and transmission of target data across the battlefield – military capabilities that are becoming increasingly mission-critical in current conflict scenarios, such as Ukraine. Moreover, by applying it to new platforms as well as existing ones, information superiority along the entire sensor-to-effector value chain can be realised quickly, at minimal cost and in a threat-appropriate manner.

Photo courtesy Hensoldt