HGH signs new contract with MBDA and deploys SPYNEL-X technology in ground-based air defense project

September 12th 2023, London, UKTo mark the DSEI tradeshow taking place at London ExCeL this week, the HGH Group, expert in infrared technology for defense and security applications, announces new contract with leading European defense company MBDA.

As part of the contract, MBDA acquired several SPYNEL-X infrared panoramic cameras for implementation in VSHORAD (Very Short Range Air Defense) systems. SPYNEL-X 3500 sensors and their CYCLOPE advanced video analytics software provide automatic detection and tracking ranges of multiple air targets compatible with the shooting ranges of low-altitude aerial threat interceptors. Man-Portable Air Defense Systems (MANPADS) like VSHORADS can effectively protect critical assets intercepting very fast, low-altitude targets if they are combined with advanced surveillance solutions.

This contract was signed as part of a sale to an export end-user, highlighting the trust placed in HGH’s cutting-edge technology on a global scale. The SPYNEL-X solution seamlessly integrates into MBDA’s “Licorne” coordination system, which serves as the command and control (C2) platform for coordinating MANPADS launchers and  MISTRAL 3– missiles.

The integration of SPYNEL-X panoramic thermal imagers with MBDA’s coordination system enhances air defense capabilities by complementing existing radar systems. It is noteworthy that SPYNEL is specifically designed to be used independently from radars. According to MBDA, SPYNEL’s advantages come into play during combat situations with electronic constraints, allowing the system to operate in stealth mode. The portable design of SPYNEL enables its swift deployment in various operational theatres, thanks to adaptable tripods.

The SPYNEL solution offers numerous advantages for ground-based air defense applications. Fully passive, it operates without emitting detectable signals, ensuring covert surveillance. Furthermore, SPYNEL remains impervious to jamming attempts, guaranteeing the continuity of critical defense operations.

 “We are thrilled to embark on this collaboration with MBDA, combining our expertise in passive panoramic wide area surveillance technology and missile systems to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for air defense.” said Vincent Leboucher, CEO “This significant contract further solidifies HGH’s position as a leading provider of advanced infrared solutions for defense and security applications worldwide” he added.

Photo courtesy HGH