Hornet presents its soft kill protection solution at DSEI 2021

European developer and manufacturer of Remote-Controlled Weapon Systems, Hornet presents for the first time its soft-kill protection system at DSEI 2021.

Hornet offers cutting-edge weapon systems, developed for the French Army in the framework of the Scorpion program, which aims at fully renewing its land combat capabilities. These new generation RCWS fully enhance the capabilities of the vehicles equipped, taking them to fully new operational levels. They are gyro-stabilized from the optronic unit, which gives them exceptional stability and accuracy, as well as state-of-the -art observation capabilities.

However, the Hornet is not only a Weapon System, but also a complete Active Protection System, able to provide with cover against the threats of the battlefield. Hornet’s flagship, the Hornet RCWS is equipped with a fully independent smoke grenade launcher ring.

Both the Hornet RCWS and the smoke launcher ring can be oriented and operated simultaneously in two different directions, to keep scouting a direction or engaging a threat while being protected from another directions.

Both systems are managed through the in-house Battlenet vetronics suite. Designed to reduce the operator’s workload on the field, Battlenet can support several sensors and effectors, which allows for a full-system approach and the development of mission-ready solutions built around the Hornet. Hornet thus offers comprehensive integration capabilities through Battlenet, depending on mission profile and equipment.

At DSEI 2021, Hornet presents a complete, high-performance off-the-shelf soft-kill solution. It comprises the Hornet RCWS, the in-house Battlenet vetronics solution, an independent ring equipped with the smoke grenades from LACROIX, as well as the PILAR V acoustic detection system from METRAVIB. That solution is represented on the Hornet booth, fully integrated on a Scarabee platform.

At DSEI 2021, Hornet presents two different solutions built on the Hornet RCWS: a Hornet and its Active Protection System, displayed on the Hornet booth, and a Hornet on a THeMIS UGV on Milrem’s booth. Both are available for demonstrations.

Hornet offers high-end remotely operated weapons systems with the most advanced technologies and capabilities, which can be adapted to fit very specific tactical needs. The current offering includes the Hornet, the flagship product of the new range, and the Hornet Lite, a lighter version with the same optronic systems. The remote-controlled weapon stations of the Hornet range are very versatile products, combining an effector and latest generation sensors. This makes them the tool of choice for observation, reconnaissance, and intelligence, but also for information sharing, blue/ red force tracking, designation of enemy targets and indirect fire guidance.

Hornet is dedicated to the promotion and marketing of the Hornet range of remotely operated turrets. It was officially launched at IDEX 2021.

Photos and graphics courtesy Hornet