IAI Launches its Starlight Platform

David Oliver

IAI heavyweight presence at Singapore included the launch of Starlight, a next-generation cloud-based Multi-INT analysis system designed to provide commanders, warfighter and intelligence analysts with innovative decision support tools. The system transforms vast amount of unstructured data gathered from distributed multi-disciplinary intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) sensors into actionable intelligence and insights.

The system is sensor-agnostic and can interface with SAR/GMTI radars, SIGINT, EO/IR, video, wide-area motion imagery (WAMI), launch detection systems (LDS) amongst others. Open architecture enable agile scalability and simple connectivity to additional data types and sources while maintaining secure access, authentication and cyber protection.

The Starlight System offer a host of smart operational applications based on machine learning and AI, spatial rule-engines, BI tools and effective man-machine learning. The application suite augments situational understanding, provides mission-critical alerts and conducts predictive analytics on time-sensitive targets, threats and events.

The systems smart operational application suite is modular and can be tailored to customer requirements. Starlight is based on ELTA’s experience in providing high-end IMINT, SIGINT and multi-sensor ISTAR solutions for defence forces and national security agencies worldwide. With Starlight end-to-end solutions, ELTA supplies the platform, operational application suite, all the required sensors and networks and can integrate them with customer’s onsite sources.

IAI was also focussed on naval warfare capabilities offering compact network related combat suites and sub systems for fast parol boats and OPVs to larger vessels.  These include full digital missile and air defence systems that are fully systems on the vessels or the shore utilising IAI radars, electro optical (EO) sensors and jamming systems.  At Singapore IAI showed the latest loitering munition (LM), the Mini Harpy an unmanned platform capable of conducting the Suppression and Destruction of Enemy Air Defences (SEAD/DEAD) missions. The electrically-powered Mini Harpy is a tactical system that offers detection of broadcast radiation with EO capabilities that can be launched from land, marine or helicopter borne platforms.  Carrying an 8 kilogram charge, the Mini-Harpy has a mission range of 100 kilometres for a duration of two hours.

Photos by David Oliver