IDEX 2019: three unveilings from Streit

Paolo Valpolini

The density of vehicles per square meter at the Streit stand, in the outside area of IDEX, was probably the highest at the show, 20 vehicles being packed there, a number of other vehicles being visible at the exhibitors dynamic demonstration which was taking place each day in the early afternoon.

Since the appearance of the Sherp all terrain vehicle Streit has given a greater importance to high mobility vehicles fitted with low pressure tires, able to easily operate in marshes, shallow lakes, rivers and tundra. The key element of those vehicles is the tires, which not only allow reducing specific ground pressure but also provide positive floating in amphibious operations. The Shaman-8×8 is the biggest of the family, capable to host a three-man crew and eight passengers. It is powered by an Iveco 3.0 l turbodiesel engine providing 146 hp, coupled to an automatic six-speed transmission, and can reach a speed of 70 km/h.

Another vehicle based on the same tires is the Myl-4×4, a logistic vehicle with a cabin for two plus three people. This one is powered by a Cummins ISF 2.8 providing 128 hp. Both of them are not armoured, the key element being here mobility, however they can be of use in difficult areas, a propeller increasing the thrust in water, the wheels providing the rest as well as direction.

The Pangolin is a remotely controlled light demining system that can also be fitted with rubber tracks for improved mobility. It is fitted with a flail unit that brings the 5.5 tonnes weight up to nearly 7 tonnes, the system being powered by a 147 hp Deutz BF 6L914 engine. It can clear a 2.2 meters wide path to a depth of 250 mm, the Pangolin being remotely controlled up to 5 km distance.

The newly introduced armoured vehicle was the Salamander, a low profile 8×8 armoured personnel carrier powered by a Kamaz 8.9 turbo engine providing 260 hp. Mine protection level is 3 at the front and 2 at the back, ballistic protection being Level 3. The Salamander-8×8 is capable of hosting a two-man crew and 10 dismounts and is fully amphibious, propulsed by a single waterjet, the exhaust being much similar to that of numerous Russian vehicles. It was exhibited with an RCWS fitted with a 12.7 mm machine gun and a Javelin antitank missile.

Beside the unveilings and the demonstration, during the exhibition Streit also announced a new contract for a Middle East country, undisclosed as usual, the deal including 81 vehicles between Spartan AFVs and Cobra light vehicles, exact numbers of each type having not bee delivered. The availability of vehicles will allow the company to deliver all of them in less than one month.

Streit production facilities are spread in the word, however the main one is located in the United Arab Emirates, so IDEX can be considered Streit’s hometown exhibition.

Photos by Paolo Valpolini