IDEX, NAVDEX 2019 – Day 2: UAE Armed Forces Awards Deals Worth more than AED7 Billion

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 18 February, 2019 – Speaking at a press conference on two of the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX 2019) and the Naval Defence and Maritime Security Exhibition (NAVDEX 2019), General Mohammed Al Hassani, Official Spokesperson of IDEX 2019, and Naval Staff Colonel Fahad Nasser Saif Al Thehli, Official Spokesperson of NAVDEX 2019, announced 24 deals worth AED7,019,428,577. The total value of contracts for day one and two of IDEX and NAVDEX 2019 is more than AED11.99 billion.

On day two of IDEX and NAVDEX 2019, national companies received 18 of the 24 deals, while the remaining 6 were awarded to international companies.

International companies:

  1. A contract with the American company Raytheon to buy AED5,729,880,000 worth of rocket launchers for the Patriot system for the UAE Air Force and Air Defence
  2. An AED1,093,478 contract with the Austrian company Sawi Electronic for the rehabilitation and upgrading of mines for the UAE Army
  3. An AED12,000,000 contract with the Russian company JSC High Precision to provide spare parts and repair works on the Cornet system
  4. An AED49,020,000 contract with the French company Thales Air Systems to provide technical support and supply equipment and spare parts for marine training simulators for the UAE Navy
  5. An AED30,000,000 contract with the Finnish company Patria Factory to provide technical support for Patria units
  6. An AED49,426,780 contract with the French company Renault Trucks to buy 30 Renault vehicles for the UAE Armed Forces

Total value of contracts with international companies: AED5,871,420,258

National companies:

  1. An AED4,498,998 contract with Al Fahad Security Systems for the installation and maintenance works on security systems for the UAE Armed Forces
  2. An AED6,208,000 contract with Abu Dhabi Autonomous to provide technical support services for the Presidential Guard’s video reception systems
  3. An AED5,000,000 contract with Bin Hamoodah for maintenance and repair works and to provide spare parts
  4. An AED4,929,998 contract with Ahmed Al Mazrouei company to provide services and install shooting targets for the Joint Air Command
  5. An AED12,000,000 contract with Mableen to supply spare parts and equipment for the UAE Air Force
  6. An AED407,770,000 contract with the International Golden Group (IGG) to supply light ammunition for the UAE Armed Forces
  7. An AED7,000,000 contract with the Mohammed Abdulrahman company to provide maintenance services, spare parts as well as Caterpillar vehicles
  8. An AED45,000,000 contract with Al Sahraa company to provide transportation services, forklifts, and equipment
  9. An AED4,295,000 contract with Al Taif company to purchase light and medium ammunition
  10. AED6,830,000 contract with EMARINE company to provide telecommunication services for signal defence
  11. An AED69,000,000 contract with Emirates Defence Technology to provide technical support services for the maintenance and repair of machinery, as well as the supply of spare parts and artillery for all mechanisms of the UAE Armed Forces
  12. An AED1,500,000 contract with Site Technology to provide maintenance for security systems and computer networks for the UAE Armed Forces
  13. An AED140,000,000 contract with Rabdan Academy to establish a military qualifications centre (MQC)
  14. An AED15,016,523 contract with Three Dimension Company for fitness centres for the UAE Armed Forces
  15. An AED2,394,000 contract with Concorde Medical Waste company to provide services and treatment of medical waste
  16. An AED395,000,000 contract with Injazat to provide telecommunications services and maintenance works on electronic software and devices for the UAE Armed Forces
  17. An AED7,100,000 contract with Augusta West Aviation Services for the Joint Air Command’s BMS system
  18. An AED14,465,800 contract with Droo Defence to purchase light and medium ammunitions for the UAE Armed Forces

Total value of contracts with UAE companies: AED1,148,008,319