Indra strengthens its global leadership in simulation with the acquisition of Simumak, a company specialized in new generation training solutions

Madrid, July 5th, 2022 Indra, a leading global technology engineering company for the aerospace, defense and mobility sectors, has fully acquired Simumak, a company specialized in new generation tactical training solutions, with more than 5,000 simulators delivered to twenty countries around the world.

The operation allows Indra to strengthen its global leadership in simulation with new solutions and capabilities that complement its current offering, gain size to advance its growth strategy in international markets, and contribute to the consolidation of the sector in Spain.

Indra will also be able to develop in a much more agile manner the tactical training systems that its civilian and military customers are increasingly demanding to enhance the capabilities of their professionals much more quickly.

The simulation sector is undergoing a profound transformation with the emergence of new technologies linked to artificial intelligence, virtual reality or gamification, as well as the growing need for system interoperability. Customers are increasingly looking for end-to-end solutions that cover complete training needs, not only at the most demanding and advanced levels, for which Indra develops top-level simulators, but also at earlier stages, where more functional simulators such as those designed and produced by Simumak are required.

 “This operation aligns with our strategy of making acquisitions that contribute to further accelerating our international growth in areas with strong potential, both in the civil and military fields. Indra and Simumak are highly complementary in their professional teams as well as in their product lines and customer base. This will allow us to offer a broader portfolio of training solutions and explore important new business opportunities. The collaboration is also expected to multiply development capabilities and bring significant improvements in production times,” said Ignacio Mataix, CEO of Indra.

David Morán, CEO of Simumak, points out that “Simumak joins the Indra group as an independent company with its own product line, the result of its knowledge and experience in Spain and Latin America over the last 15 years, and with scalable capabilities for the provision of training services and solutions. Becoming part of Indra will help us strengthen our product portfolio, enhance our international presence and have the business and operational capabilities of a company that is a global leader in the sector.”

Mission training, key to success

Indra and Simumak share the same vision of training that goes far beyond the pure instruction of the student in the control of a vehicle or platform and focuses on preparing the professional to complete tasks or tactical missions effectively and safely, interoperating with a multitude of systems, as they would do in real life, and acting in different types of scenarios, in which they face situations of maximum difficulty and stress.

In land-based military operations, the solutions developed by Simumak offer an enormous potential for the training of tank and armored vehicle crews, offering them practical instruction from the onset, which accelerates the training and the detection of strengths and areas of improvement in each student. The interoperability and connectivity of the systems in turn facilitates joint virtual training of soldiers regardless of their location at different bases, thus saving time and costs and improving their readiness.

Simulator training contributes significantly to safety in operations, guarantees success in mission accomplishment and represents a significant savings in both material and human resources required to carry out such a demanding preparation.

Simulation leadership

With the acquisition of Simumak, Indra gives a new boost to its leadership as one of the largest and most cutting-edge simulation companies in the world, with a team of more than 400 professionals and more than 35 years of experience. It also doubles down on its strategy of bringing its customers the most advanced solutions incorporating the latest digital technologies. The company has developed some of the most sophisticated aircraft mission simulators in the civil and military market. It has delivered fixed wing simulators for the Eurofighter, Airbus A320, A330, MRTT and Boeing 737 as well as rotary wing simulators for the NH90, Tiger, Cougar, Chinook, Blackhawk and Seahawk, AW159 Wildcat or the EC135, H135, H225, H175, AS350, H145, EC145, Bell212, Bell412 and Sikorsky S76.

It also has a family of mission simulation systems for military ground training, having delivered to the Spanish Armed Forces the complete system for the simulation of the Leopard 2E battle tanks, the Pizarro vehicle, the Advanced Air Control simulator for the Air Force, as well as fifty Víctrix simulators, which provide soldiers with simulated training with their own weapons, in addition to the main simulators used by the Spanish Navy, such as the S80 simulator, plus other simulators for specific civilian-based training. As a global leading company in engineering technology for the aerospace, defence and mobility sectors, Indra is its customers’ technology partner for digitization and key operations around the world. Its team of experts and its in-depth knowledge of those businesses and the latest technology, and its leadership in major European innovation programs and projects to design the next generation of technological solutions, give it a differential offering and enable Indra to lead unique, highly innovative projects that will transform the future of these sectors on a global scale in the coming years.

Photo courtesy Indra