Installation of the M5D-Airfox ont the spanish navy’s BAM meteoro completed

Nigrán (Spain), June 19, 2024

The RPAS M5D-Airfox, designed and manufactured by Marine Instruments, has been successfully and permanently installed on the Spanish Navy’s Maritime Action Ship (BAM) “Meteoro.” The “Meteoro” is a patrol vessel tasked with security, surveillance, and maritime control missions. Its duties also include collaborating with the state’s security forces and agencies at sea, such as operations against drug trafficking, illegal immigration, and terrorism. The incorporation of the M5D-Airfox enhances its operational capabilities in these missions.

The M5D-Airfox serves as an ideal tool for military missions related to enhanced security, tracking, and target detection and identification. Among its main features are solar propulsion, providing up to 10 hours of autonomy; the ability to operate in maritime environments; and a high-definition 360-degree visual camera, facilitating comprehensive and detailed surveillance and tracking tasks.

The installation of the M5D-Airfox on the BAM “Meteoro” was carried out between May 13 and 24. Subsequently, from June 10 to 14, the UAV was commissioned and the ship’s crew was trained, ensuring a smooth and efficient system integration.

Thus, the M5D-Airfox completed its first operational flight in the waters off the island of Gran Canaria, demonstrating its capability and effectiveness in real environments, marking a milestone in the implementation of advanced technologies in the Spanish Navy.

With this implementation on the BAM “Meteoro,” there are now two Navy ships equipped with the M5D-Airfox, following the previous installation on the BAM “Furor.”

Image courtesy Marine Instruments