Introducing LightIR f/3.6 Lenses: Unmatched Performance for low-SWaP IR Thermal Imaging Systems

Discover a divers range of low-SWaP, high-performance continuous zoom lenses meticulously designed for MWIR VGA 10μm detectors – the LightIR f/3.6 series.

Tailor-made for low-SWaP IR thermal imaging systems, these lenses deliver unrivaled performance across various applications. Whether you’re in the drone industry, tactical UAVs, small gimbal systems, or handheld devices, LightIR lenses offer a disruptive combination of portability, range, and performance.

Key Features:

  • Optimized for cooled MWIR VGA 640×512, 10µm detectors
  • High MTF performance
  • Maintain focus throughout zoom range
  • LOS stabilization addressed
  • Easy integration
  • Folded-optic design significantly shrinks the integrated optical system
  • Ideal for drones, tactical UAVs, small-gimbal systems, and handheld devices.
  • Perfect for commercial, homeland security, and defense markets.
  • Cost-Effective Design delivering exceptional value with focal lengths ranging from 10 to 225mm

Explore our LightIR Series:

LightIR 10-135mm f/3.6
LightIR 16-180mm f/3.6
LightIR 18-225mm f/3.6

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Images and video courtesy Ophir Optronics Solutions Ltd. / MKS