Inzpire Limited to extend its training support to the RAF by supporting the Qualified Weapons Instructor (Command & Control) Course

5 September 2023 – Inzpire’s Collective Training Division (CTD) has secured a two-year contract to deliver subject matter expertise support to 20 Squadron’s (Sqn) Qualified Weapons Instructor (Command & Control) Course (QWI (C2)) at RAF Boulmer.

Synthetic and live training experts from across CTD will be providing specific command and control and battlespace management support and assisting with all phases of the QWI (C2) course including planning, creating courseware, building exercise scenarios and supporting the execution of live and synthetic training.

In addition to QWI (C2) support, Inzpire’s experts on 20 Sqn will assist with the Combat Ready Operators Course (CROC), which teaches qualified operators from 19 and 20 Sqns how to provide advanced tactical air command and control and battle management, including tactical control of fighter aircraft in complex, heavily contested joint air operations scenarios. The CROC includes 20 Sqn’s capstone synthetic training event Exercise CERBERUS REVENGE, which prepares students to plan and control during major live flying exercises and global contingent operations.

The QWI (C2) works closely with the QWI (Combat Air) (QWI (CA)), which has stood up to deliver a combined QWI course for Typhoon and Lightning pilots based at RAF Coningsby and RAF Marham respectively; Inzpire already has staff embedded at both locations carrying out a similar role to those at Boulmer. The two courses come together to train on Exercise STORM WARRIOR over the summer prior to students completing Exercise COBRA WARRIOR – the RAF’s capstone training event – which is designed and delivered by Inzpire on 92 Sqn at the Air and Space Warfare Centre.

20 Sqn will therefore benefit from Inzpire’s extensive experience delivering QWICs for the UK’s Typhoon, Reaper and F-35 fleets, creating training coherence across multiple RAF Combat Force Elements.

Richard Tattersall, Head of Collective Training Division, said: “We are honoured that 20 Sqn has trusted us to design and deliver another front line QWI Course.

 “This work will complement the work done by our teams supporting Combat Air and Reaper QWICs. Whilst these contracts are separate, our teams work collegially to ensure the RAF receives the very best coordinated training; there are synergies and benefits to this approach for the students, staff and RAF.

 “We very much look forward to working with 20 Sqn.”

Wg Cdr Rob Machin, OC 20 Sqn, said: “I am excited and pleased to be partnering with Inzpire, who have a strong reputation for planning and developing advanced, air combat exercises and supporting training in the synthetic environment.

 “In particular, their experience of supporting the QWI (CA) and QWI (Reaper) courses will be invaluable and will help to integrate and develop the QWI (C2) with our sister courses. Equally, this partnership will help to drive further advancements in our Combat Ready training and enhance our collective readiness for peer-level air warfighting.”

Photo courtesy Inzpire