IrvinGQ develops airdrop platform compatible for use with the Milrem Robotics’ Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV)

26.03.2020 – The ability to operate in high threat environments, without putting warfighters or service people at risk, is one of the single biggest challenges faced by decision makers of the day. 

Part of the solution is the use of Unmanned Vehicles that are not only ‘safer but potentially more effective than the use of current manned systems[1].’ The separate challenge of how to effectively deploy these assets to their operating environments is now also being answered.

An airdrop system that can be used to rapidly deploy Milrem Robotics’ UGV into warzones, or large-scale terrain fires has been developed and tested by IrvinGQ, the world-leading aerial delivery solutions provider.

Utilizing their unique, ATAX® airdrop system, IrvinGQ will integrate a pair of Milrem Robotics’ THeMIS or the Multscope Rescue UGV to be used for defence or firefighting missions, respectively.

ATAX® is a Modular, Rapid-Rig/De-Rig, Aerial Delivery System that employs Soft Landing Airbags instead of traditional energy-dissipating materials (EDM).   The reusable Airbags offer a number of significant advantages over traditional methods as they; reduce load preparation and rigging times by eliminating consumable rigging materials; significantly reduce the shock forces imparted into the cargo load; and facilitate a true drive-on drive-off capability.

Given the emerging nature of unmanned autonomous and remotely piloted ground vehicles and the requirement to lessen the burden to warfighters, IrvinGQ is developing an airdrop restraint system with an auto release that enables the UGVs to self-derig and drive-off the ATAX® platform unaided.  A truly autonomous capability.

 “The airdrop platform will widen the possibilities of how armed forces can deploy autonomous or remotely piloted THeMIS UGVs behind enemy lines, or as part of airborne operations combined with infantry. Firefighters could use ATAX® to drop Multiscope Rescue systems to combat large-scale terrain or forest fires without endangering lives,” said Kuldar Väärsi, CEO of Milrem Robotics. Other aerial deployment possibilities of Milrem Robotics’ UGVs include helicopter underslung or in the cargo area of a helicopter, for example the Chinook CH-47.

Milrem Robotics and IrvinGQ enable a true autonomous mission and can limit the warfighters exposure on the battlefield.

Pictorial courtesy Irvin GQ