Israel Aerospace Industries Sells Dozens of Drone Guard Systems to South Asian Country

July 2, 2021- Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) though its ELTA Systems group is delivering dozens of Drone Guard (CUAS) systems to a country in South Asia in a deal, worth tens of millions of dollars (USD). The unique multi-sensor multi-layer ELI-4030 Drone Guard system is one of the most capable battlefield proven systems in the world, providing the ability to detect, classify, identify and defeat drone attacks. IAI develops and manufactures the Drone-Gard System from start to finish including the advanced Radar capabilities.

The Drone Guard system handles hundreds of targets simultaneously and provides a solution to multiple evolving threats Worldwide. The system’s advantage derives from the multi-layer implementation concept using a high-resolution 3D X-Band radar a key for drone-detection, an integrated COMIN ESM, multi-channel jamming and high resolution EO/IR with integrated AI capabilities. Drone Guard is a comprehensive solution for protection of all kind installations as well as maneuvering forces.

IAI Executive VP and CEO of ELTA, Yoav Tourgeman, said, “IAI is proud to deliver the Drone Guard systems as a defense solution to combat aerial threats in a county in South Asia. With hundreds of units already operational across the world, the multi sensor, multi-layer Drone-Guard system provides an efficient solution for drone attack threat. The Drone Guard provides long range detection and auto classification of the drone integrating AI with automation processing enabling fully automated Drone detection.”

Photo courtesy IAI