Italian Navy PPA1 sails the waves of the Tyrrhenian Sea

(Source OCCAR)

PPA1, named after “Paolo Thaon di Revel”, sailed its first nautical miles in the blue waters of the Gulf of La Spezia on 12th Nov 2019. The First Sea Going (FSG) is a crucial contractual milestone towards the delivery of the ship to the Italian Navy (FOAR), scheduled for May 2021.
“Paolo Thaon di Revel” is the First of Class (FOC) PPA in Light configuration. During the FSG, several platform systems/equipment installed on-board have been set up and successfully tested.

The PPA contract was signed on May 2015; only 4 years and a half  have elapsed before the FOC FSG, a worldwide remarkable achievement for OCCAR as contracting authority, given the innovative character of this vessel. PPA1 is expected to complete the sea trials in March 2021 and to be delivered to the Italian Navy in May 2021.

The first four ships (seven under current contract) are currently in the production stage. The second one, also in Light configuration, will be named after the Venetian Doge “Francesco Morosini”, and will be launched in March 2020.

Photos courtesy Italian Navy