IWI Expands its Offerings with a Comprehensive Riot-Control Solution

July 16, 2020 IWI – Israel Weapon Industries, an SK Group Member and a leader in the production of combat-proven small arms for military forces, police units, law enforcement agencies, and governmental entities around the world – announces the expanding of its portfolio with a comprehensive riot-control solution. The newly offered solution uses versatile methods to maintain the public order and safety with minimum force application. These qualities make it – as intended – perfectly suitable for the operational use of Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Personnel, Police Units, Prison Services, and riot-control Special Forces.

IWI’s riot-control solution, tailored to client’s needs,  includes conceptual and operative methodology, defensive products such as tactical anti-stab uniforms, anti-stab and bulletproof vests, tactical helmets, shield, multipurpose grenades and more, offensive tools such as multi-shot 12 gauge shotguns, 37-38mm launcher, 40mm launcher, ammunition, drones, and tactical courses for all levels.

 “Civil disorder, characterized by extremists violently demonstrating, or even a legal and peaceful demonstration which escalated into an uncontrollable riot, can result in property damage and human casualties. There is a great importance to handle the situation with minimum use of force and lethal equipment to keep the public safe and retrieve order”, says Ronen Hamudot, VP Marketing and Sales at SK Group. “Only a well-structured methodology of proper use of law enforcement techniques, procedures, and tools will ensure the order and reestablish the confidence to the citizens”.

Hamudot explains that IWI’s vast experience with proven track record as a solutions provider, for military forces and law enforcement agencies enabled the company to create a holistic solution that gives the authorities the right means to control a riot while minimizing the use of force and avoiding unnecessary casualties. “As the pandemic continues to spread around the world, and with its effect on different aspects of our lives, there is a greater need for such a solution to keep the civilians safe”, he says.