KNDS commissioned to supply 50 DINGO 2 vehicles to the Bundeswehr

Munich, 29. November 2023– Defence contractor KNDS has been commissioned by the Bundeswehr procurement office (BAAINBw) to replace the DINGO 2 wheeled armored vehicles previously transferred by the Bundeswehr to Ukraine. The resupply project encompasses a framework agreement for 50 DINGO 2 protected command and special-function vehicles (GFF) of the A4 variant.

The resupply project encompasses a spare parts and logistics package in addition to the vehicle system.

With over 1,200 vehicles delivered to ten countries, the DINGO is the best-protected wheeled vehicle in its class. The DINGO is the system platform for a wide variety of vehicles in special-purpose roles, including patrol, AC reconnaissance, ambulance, command post and recovery.

Photo courtesy KNDS