Leonardo to provide support for French naval defence systems

29 September 2021 – Leonardo will provide logistics support and maintenance services for the OTO 76/62 SR weapon systems on-board the French Navy’s Horizon, FREMM (Frigate Europee Multi Mission) and FDI (Fregates de Defense et d’Intervention)-class frigates. The services will be carried out over ten years and their delivery forms part of a framework agreement that extends an existing maintenance contract for France’s Horizon-class frigates.

The OTO 76/62 SR is a medium-calibre naval gun that is in service with more than 50 countries worldwide. The new package of services that Leonardo will provide under the framework agreement includes configuration management, the supply of spare parts, field engineering and documentation updates for 22 OTO 76/62 SR systems. A training course will also be delivered to French Navy personnel.

Under the agreement, the customer can opt to extend logistics support to also include system updates, the provision of additional equipment and other assistance according to their needs.

Technical activities will include the major overhaul, testing and alignment of 11 systems. This activity will be carried out by the Italian Navy Arsenal and the Naval Support and Experimentation Centre in La Spezia, Italy, deepening the relationship between Leonardo, the Italian Navy and the French Navy, with a view to ever-closer European cooperation.

This new contract comes shortly after Leonardo signed an agreement with the Danish Navy to support the same type of weapon system. It strengthens Leonardo’s position as an international strategic partner in the sector, able to support its customers throughout all phases of the product life cycle.

Photo courtesy Leonardo