LIG Nex1 Receives Orders for Sonar Systems for Korea’s Next-Generation Destroyers (KDDX)

October 5, 2020 – LIG Nex1 has been selected as the priority negotiating partner in sonar system development for Korea’s next-generation destroyers. Pending final approval, the company will begin actively developing transmitting and receiving systems for towed array sonar, as well as integrated sonar systems. Moreover, along with STX Engine, the main system supplier, LIG Nex1 will take part in developing hull-mounted sonar.

KDDX is Korea’s first stealth destroyer developed domestically with key local technologies. The 6000-ton vessel is equipped with most of the functions for Aegis destroyers including high-performance radar and missile intercept systems. In particular, the sonar that LIG Nex1 develops under the control of the Agency for Defense Development is deemed to be an area subject to most innovative improvements.

LIG Nex1 was able to participate in the KDDX project thanks to its accumulation of technological prowess and experience in developing sonar systems for the Korean navy. The company plans to actively make inroads into global markets by securing competitive edge and promoting continued technological development based on its superior sonar technology.

Photo courtesy IG Nex 1