Magical location for DEFEXPO 2016

DEFEXPO 2016 was heralded as reflecting the path of steady growth of India’s defence and security industry which has been receiving overwhelming and unprecedented international response with each edition, but this year it failed to live up to its hype.

The main entrance of DEFEXPO
The main entrance of DEFEXPO

In the end, after multiple protestation the ninth biennale Land, Naval and Internal Homeland Security Systems exhibition DEFEXPO 2016 was held from 28 to 31 April, at Naqueri Quitol in Quepem Taluka of South Goa, India. A wonderful sea area discovered by the Hippies in the Sixties, with their famous slogan Peace and Love, which is now forgotten by our actual society.

Live demonstration
Live demonstration

Inaugurated by the Indian Minister of Defence, the show attracted around 1,000 companies, 510 Indian, companies and 490 foreign, from 47 countries, compared with 858 companies from 30 countries in 2014 The gross area of the exhibition was 40,725 sq m against 25,515 sq m at DEFEXPO 2014, this is what the Minister and the organiser, the Ministry of Indian Defence says.

Acrobatic air demonstration during the opening of DEFEXPO
Acrobatic air demonstration during the opening of DEFEXPO

It was the first time that the show was held in this magical location, which is perfect for spending vacation, but not the best venue for a show in this importance. When we want to organise an important demonstration like this, we should ensure that the logistics follow, no logistics no success.

The nearest hotel it is around one hour and a half away, if the traffic is clear, and sometimes it take up to three hours to arrive at the show, and another three hours and same to go back to the hotel, depending where it is.

The booth was incorrectly installed we were afraid it would collapse. The temperature was so hot, 31 degrees, and the majority of the place was without air-conditioning.

Only the Indian delegation visited the show, but there were no other delegations.

Anyhow, we can’t judge this year’s show and we will have to wait until the 10th DEFEXPO before we can judge it better.

Many foreign companies attend the show, the Russian was the second presence after the Indian, Israel, France, US, UK, and other companies showcase in this show the latest land and Maritime technology for the Indian market and the region needs.

Airbus showcasing in DEFEXPO 2016 a range of copies of, The A400M C295W, a large game of Helicopters. Airbus is involved since a long time in this region, and Airbus helicopter are expecting so soon the signature of the 14 Helicopters super Puma for the Coast Guard.

Airbus Booth
Airbus Booth

The president &MD Airbus Group India Pierre de Bausset said “Airbus Group exceeded US 500 million in annual procurement from India in 2015. Over 6000 people from over 45 suppliers, both publicly and privately owned, are directly engaged in providing Engineering & IT services, Aero structures, details parts & systems, materials and cabins for the Group for its leadings platforms including A380, A350 XWB, A320 Family, A330, C295W, A400M, Eurofighter, Tiger and NH90”.

And “ we will use Defexpo to present our plans to produce defence platforms in India and basically build an industrial eco-system supporting it, in collaboration with local Partners. This would involve the creation of thousands of local jobs, skilled people and high-end technology absorption” said de Bausset.

MBDA showcasing a range of missile including MICA and ASRAM how the IAF has taken advantage of this technology through its recent orders as part of its Mirage 2000 and Jaguar upgrade programmes respectively

MBDA’s portfolio includes Meteor, which has long been recognised as an out-and-out game changer in the air to air battle. Meteor offers air forces both strategic as well as tactical advantages.

The Brimstone Missile has proven its capability in Libya and Afghanistan can be deployed from a range of platforms, such as fast combat jets, helicopters and UAVs, to strike a range of static and fast moving surface targets either individually or in salvo mode.

For long stand-off attack, MBDA leads the sector and showcase the two systems capable of surgical precision at ranges well over 250Km: Storm Shadow/Scalp, a weapon associated with the Rafale and Eurofighter Typhoon, showed its capabilities during the operations in Iraq and Libya.

MBDA showcasing in DEFEXPO the missile Taurus KEPD 350 ER whose Trictec’ navigation system allows it to operate effectively even in the absence of a GPS signal. It also has the unique capability of counting voids as it penetrates the various floors of a targeted building, heading for its intended point of detonation.

At DEFEXPO, THALES showcase a range of product from the Family of Tactical Radio Communications PR4G, radars, and missile like the STARStreak high velocity missile was designed to provide close air-defence against conventional air threats such as fixed wing fighters and late unmasking helicopters targets. Thales has addressed the needs of military users around the world and introduced major improvements to provide increased range beyond 7 km, increased coverage and altitude and improved guidance precision against small targets.

The STARStreak missile from Thales
The STARStreak missile from Thales

During the show, Thales and Bel-Thales Systems limited (BTSL), announce a joint venture between Bharat Electronics Limited BEL and Thales for the development of the PHAROS fire control radar for both gun and missile systems. It is provide defence against small, fast moving and highly manoeuvrable air and surface targets that may also be encountered in littoral missions. The multiple target tracker is capable of simultaneously controlling-in all weather conditions-the engagement of these targets with guided ammunition.

The joint development will strengthen the co-operation of Thales and BTSL in the field of innovative technologies. The responsibility of overall system design will be borne by Thales. BTSL will develop the mechanical design and production of the radar antenna.

Nexter showcasing in DEFEXPO a range of copies of the artillery systems including the Caesar Ashok Leyland and Aspheri, the Trajan, in armoured vehicles the Titus the Aravis and the VBCI-2.

Nexter present at Defexpo 2016 a range of his product including the new canon 40CTA
Nexter present at Defexpo 2016 a range of his product including the new canon 40CTA

Nexter showcased also the T40 TURRETS, modular turrets using the whole capacities of the new 40CTA cannon. These unmanned or 2-man turrets, protected up to level 5, are designed around an open vetronic architecture and a numerical vision HD which confer them a very important scalability. They allow exceptional operational capacities in free field and urban zone due to a “carousel” ammunition handling system allowing to use immediately the appropriate ammunition to the mission: firing at high elevation, zone neutralization thanks to the air-burst ammunition GPR-AB, capacity to destroy all types of Infantry Fighting Vehicles due to APFSDS-T ammunition, including the latest generations of tanks with the anti-tank missile.

In Ammunition Nexter with his filial Mecar and Simmel Defesa showcased the most advanced products including:

  • The LU211, one of the few 155mm 52-calibre ammunition qualified both in a conventional version and insensitive munition (IM) version. The new 120 HE explosive ammunition that is fitted on tanks equipped with a 120mm gun, effective in open combat and in urban combat, with a metric precision at 3 km and also the 120mm practice armour piercing ammunition. The 40mm CTA ammunition (Cased Telescoped Ammunition developed by CTAI) has been introduced in the medium calibre product portfolio of Nexter Munitions. In addition to the “conventional rounds” (HE, APFSDS, TP), Nexter Munitions proposes an air busting ammunition based on its developed fuse technologies now available from 25 to 40mm calibre and also a 40 TPRR (Target Practice Reduced Range), then meeting the customer requests in term of training range restrictions. Direct Fire ammunition for LAVs, Tanks and Infantry, from 25mm to 120mm, Mortar and Artillery ammunition, Rifle and Hand Grenades.

DCNS showcasing a wide range of expertise in naval systems, Scorpene submarine (P75 conventional submarine) which six are getting manufactured at MDL for Indian Navy with DCNS design and support. First submarine is at a very advanced level and is expected to be commissioned by end 2016.

Mistral landing Platform Deck ship: Indian Navy under make-in-India issued RFP to three Indian shipyards to procure four LPDs (2 at winning shipyard and 2 on the nomination to HSL. Pipavav (Now reliance) is a partner of DCNS and RFP offer has been submitted and a decision from Indian government is awaited.

DCNS showcase also :

  • The aircraft carrier where it can be deployed on board up to 40 aircraft and equipped with the latest generation of combat systems.
  • The Baracuda, a state of the art SSN for the French Navy dedicated to deal with an ever-growing array of challenges. It is scheduled to enter service in 2017.
  • The MU90 Torpedo, the sole new lightweight torpedo in the world, designed and built with the most advanced technologies, The MU90 torpedo is able to counter any type of submarine even acoustically coated, deep diving, fast evasive, deploying anti-torpedo effectors or bottomed in littoral areas.

In DEFEXPO BAE Systems showcase the Systems’ battle proven M777 Ultra Lightweight Howitzer (ULH), for which India and the United States are in discussion for a Foreign Military sale to the Indian Army. BAE Systems recently reaffirmed its commitment to “Make in India” by down-selecting Mahindra and Mahindra as its business partner for the proposal as its business partner for the proposed in-country Assembly, Integration and test (AIT) facility for the M777.

BAEs showcase the M777 Howitzer
BAEs showcased the M777 Howitzer

In addition to the M777 ULH, the company showcase includes the Archer 155mm FH 77 BW L52 self-propelled gun along with a full range of munitions including the Hyper Velocity Projectile, 81mm mortar, 105 mm artillery ammunition, 120mm tank ammunition and 3P programmable ammunition.

PHOTONIS, a French company teaming with BEL in India, exhibited the NOCTURN digital camera used indifferently by day or night by the Indian Army.

PHOTONIS also introduced a new version of its CNOD model, still under discussion with BEL for a likely marketing in India, as well as a new model of its RPO versatile optical device which allows to see by daylight or in total darkness all the while able to shoot pictures like a standard digital hi-resolution camera. This very device is being developed for the US market in partnership with a US company.

Goa-Joseph Roukoz

FLIR also was present in DEFEXPO and present a complete family of systems in EO/IR technology comes a complete family of systems, covering all class from 16 inches down to 9 inches, with interfaces and mounts designed for easy installation on rotary and fixed wing aircraft. And developed with the Indian the Star Saphire 380-HD and HLD, 350-HD, 380-HDc and Star Saphire III and the latest generation of the combat proven Brite Star II an Star DP with a 100% duty cycle, diode pumped laser designator/rangefinder. Brite Star II is proven in land and maritime operations and is the sensor system on the US Maritime Corps UH1Y. The brite Star DP configuration is operational on armed reconnaissance and attack aircraft worldwide.

Ranger Family of EOR/IR imaging & Radar Systems
Ranger Family of EOR/IR imaging & Radar Systems

The second big presence after the Indian company was the Russians. Many leading Russian companies were present, including Russian Helicopters. After the delivery of Mi 35 helicopters was for the aid of counter-terrorism in Pakistan, the deputy director general of Rosoboronexport said at the media :” To consolidate its position as the biggest weapons and equipment supplier to the Indian Armed Forces, The Russian was ready to cooperate with both private and public companies in India. Russia is also offering the man-portable air-defence systems (MANPADS) Verba and other military equipment to India.

The Rosoborornexport booth in DEFEXPO 2016
The Rosoborornexport booth in DEFEXPO 2016

He said “We are ready for cooperation under make in India and are holdings negotiations for the transfer of skills such as fire control systems. We feel this will be to interest both for us and our Indian partners”.

The new munitions for the tank gun 125mm
The new munitions for the tank gun 125mm

Between the Russian Company how was present in Defexpo, Uralvagonzavod how showcasing a range of copies of a thanks from the T72 after renovation to the T90 latest generation, including the new munitions for the tank gun 125mm, and it is from the family shoot and forget. The round consists of a shell with enhanced fragmentation effect ensured through impact ready-made fragments and an intelligent electronic fuze programmed during tank gun loading. The system assures the air burst of the projectile above the target defeating it by the top-attacking fragmentation field.