MBDA Germany

EDR On-Line was invited along other European defence media to a visit to MBDA Deutschland, the German arm of the European Missile company, which is fully involved in the design and production of company system as well as cooperating with several international partners on other missiles.

MBDA Germany headquarters are based in Schrobenhausen, some 75 km north-west of Munich; the location also hosts most of the research and development as well as production facilities, and is also the home of TDW, the MBDA subsidiary specialised in warheads. Some 80 km east of Munich we find the home of Bayern Chemie, the other MBDA Germany subsidiary, which is specialised in missile propulsion. EDR On-Line was given the opportunity to visit both sites in late October. A third site is located in Ulm, some 150 km west of Munich, where passive radar seekers for the RAM system are produced. Overall MBDA Germany has a work force of around 1,300 employees.

MBDA Germany also holds 50% of RAM-System GmbH, the remaining 50% being equally split between Diehl Stiftung and Diehl BGT Defence, a joint venture in charge of the programme management and marketing of the Rolling Airframe Missile, RAM in short, JV headquarters being based in Ottobrunn. MBDA Deutschland controls 67% of the shares of Taurus Systems GmbH that developed and produced the Taurus cruise missile, the remaining 33% being held by Saab Dynamics AB, Taurus having also a daughter company in the Republic of Korea , Taurus Systems Korea.

Hereafter EDR On-Line readers can find the report on the many topics developed during the two-day visit to the Bavarian facilities of MBDA Deutschland.

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