► MBDA’s order backlog reaches record high after strong 2018 results

19 March 2019 – MBDA saw another strong year of trading performance in 2018, recording a further €4.0 billion in orders that brought the company’s order book up to a record total of €17.4 billion. Revenue was also slightly ahead year-on-year to €3.2 billion.
Strong performance in our home markets saw MBDA’s domestic order intake of €2.5 billion exceed that from exports at €1.5 billion.
MBDA CEO Antoine Bouvier said: “Our strong financial and in particular our domestic performance is reflective of the strategic importance of the missile sector to Europe’s nations. This can only be achieved by the right combination of national programmes and by co-operation across Europe’s nations, as without this balance, Europe will lack the critical size of its defence technological and industrial base to autonomously

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