Milrem Robotics THeMIS UGV

Paolo Valpolini
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Developed in the mid-2010s and continuously improved, the THeMIS UGV, the acronym standing for Tracked Hybrid Modular Infantry System, is a light unmanned tracked autonomous vehicle designed to support infantry operations, designed by Milrem Robotics of Estonia.

Fully operational with the Estonian Army, it was recently provided to Ukraine fitted for logistic missions. It was also acquired in small numbers by other nations, mostly for experimental programmes.

Powered by a hybrid system made of a diesel generator and a battery pack, the latter providing power to electric motors that activate tracks, it can travel at speeds up to 20 km/h, cope with 60% slopes and ford 0.6 meters deep water obstacles. Its kerb weight is 1,650 kg, the rated payload being 750kg, however the maximum payload can reach 1,200 kg. The THeMIS has a pull force of 15 kN, hence it can pull a trailer with a considerable payload.

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Its propulsion system ensures a run time up to 15 hour with full fuel tank, while in silent mode, therefore using only batteries, it can operate for up to 90 minutes. The UGV can be used as a power source, as it is capable to provide 3 kW at 28 Vdc with a peak of 125 A.

An open system, it can be fitted with different autonomy packages, the one used during iMUGS Demo6 having proved its capacity to operate on its own in swarms.

Milrem Robotics has integrated a number of payloads, ranging from simple cargo versions, to weaponised versions with remotely controlled weapon stations armed with machine guns, medium calibre cannons and antitank missiles, up to multiple loitering munitions launchers, combartt support systems such as route clearance packages or intelligence and reconnaidssance payloads being also offered.

Photos P. Valpolini