DSEI 2023 – MSI and APS introduce an Anglo-Polish counter-drone system

David Oliver

Displayed at DSEI 2023 was the UK-based MSI Defence Systems’ Terrahawk Paladin deployable drone killer that can engage a wide range of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), from nano and micro-UAVs to large (VTOL/STOL) tactical combat UAVs. The Fire Control System provides Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled target tracking, ballistic compensation, and is network enabled with options for increased target recognition intelligence provided by the Polish company Advanced Protection Systems (APS)

Founded by Maciej Klemm, who spent most of his research career in the UK, APS has created pioneering FIELDctrl radars and SKYctrl anti-drone systems able to detect even the smallest flying objects. It independently designs, develops and produces each product at its facility employing 150 technicians.

The SKYctrl radar system can track multiple targets at once, an most importantly, can differentiate between birds and drones, reporting the object’s exact 3D position in real-time.  Instant classification is achieved with AI and machine learning for recognition of all flying objects. The jamming of 20 bands, ISM, VHF, UHF, GSM, UMTS, LTE, GNSS, WiFi and VHF provides effective neutralisation of targets.

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The FIELDctrl radars have instrumented ranges of 7 to 50 km and a minimum range of 1 km and serve with the forces of Norway, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates. They can be man packed, transported in containers, or fixed based systems connected to a single network as adopted by the Polish armed forces. The radars are effective against all three classes of zones in Ukraine.

The full system capabilities of the MSI-DS Paladin Terrahawk include a wide range of effectors and ammunition including programmable air-burst munition and proximity-fused rounds. The 20 mm Gatling gun airburst is effective to 1-1.5km and will soon be in service in a conflict zone. 

The DS30M Mark 2 is a ship-protection system made by MSI-DS consisting of a 30mm Mark 44 Bushmaster II cannon on an automated mount and the company will soon be carrying out 30 mm firing trials of the deployable system in the UK and Middle East.

Photos courtesy MSI-DS