Naples Franco-Italian summit: the two governments give their full support to cooperation between their naval industries

27th February 2020 – The intergovernmental agreement signed today reaffirms the full support of the French and Italian States to Naviris, the joint-venture between Naval Group and Fincantieri. This agreement makes the long term alliance launched by these two industrial Groups fully operational.

 “We welcome this intergovernmental agreement, which reinforces our joint-venture Naviris. We are delighted to be able to count on the support of both the Italian and French governments together with the Navies of our two countries to carry out our mission effectively”, declared Hervé Guillou and Giuseppe Bono, CEOs of Naval Group and Fincantieri respectively.

Naviris, the joint-venture of Naval Group and Fincantieri, was set up in January 2020.

This joint-venture, owned equally by the two groups, will manage ambitious projects, including mid-term modernization of the Franco-Italian Horizon frigates, common R&D, export opportunities and the development of a European Patrol Corvette.

The cooperation between Naval Group and Fincantieri is the key for the consolidation of the European naval sector.

Naval Group and Fincantieri are open to enlarge their cooperation to other European partners in order to make the European naval industry the worldwide leader in product performances and technology innovation.

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Photos courtesy Fincantieri