Naval Group strengthens Franco-Australian collaboration with the naval and maritime domain.

Canberra, 26 February 2019 – Naval Group, in collaboration with 14 partners from industry, the University sector, Research and Development (R&D) institutes and Government have committed to creating a core team to establish a technological research platform in Australia dedicated to open innovation in the naval and maritime domain.

All 15 parties will now work together to establish the terms of reference and governance rules for the research platform, to be known as the OzCean Technocampus, along with the scientific strategy plan before the end of the year.

“Through the OzCean Technocampus, Naval Group plans to develop our Research and Development footprint in Australia in co-operation with French and Australian academics, research centres, and Small and Medium Enterprises,” said François Duthoit, VP International R&D cooperation, Naval Group. “

“This move represents a concrete step in achieving a powerful ambition for Naval Group: making innovation a driving force for its development, in France and internationally,” said Mr Duthoit.

Naval Group experts involved in the OzCean Technocampus will conduct
non-destructive testing, materials studies including corrosion and antifouling, computing and simulations.

They will also be involved in the training and education programs required to support the development of the Australian naval industry from vocational to higher education.

Naval Group will also use the OzCean Technocampus to transfer, develop, and maintain R&D related products to benefit multiple sectors, including the maritime sector, oil and gas, energy, health monitoring, autopilots and dynamic positioning, ship stabilisation, unmanned systems technologies, and maritime security.

The 15 organisations include Defence SA, the New South Wales Government, the Victorian Government, Defence Innovation Network (NSW), The University of South Australia, The University of Adelaide, Flinders University, The University of Tasmania, The University of Technology Sydney, Deakin University, The University of Sydney, The University of New South Wales, The University of Melbourne, ASC and Naval Group.

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Photo courtesy Naval Group