NBC-Sys inaugurates an automated integration line for its filter cartridges

25/11/2021 – On 16 November 2021, NBC-Sys, a subsidiary of the Nexter Group, received several representatives from the French Armament Delegation (DGA) and French Army’s officers at its Saint-Chamond site.

During a tour of the facilities, NBC-Sys inaugurated a new fully automated line dedicated to the production of its entire range of NBC (nuclear, bacteriological and chemical) filter cartridges. This production line is a strategic industrial asset that guarantees the supply of current filter cartridges for the French armed forces and will be compatible with the new cartridges of the EPIA programme (individual protection kit for the armed forces) by 2025.

This institutional meeting is also an opportunity to celebrate the delivery of the one millionth mask in the ARFA (appareil respiratoire filtrant des armées) range since it was put into service in the French armed forces in 1992. While production of this mask continues at a rate of several tens of thousands per year, NBC-Sys is designing – as part of the EPIA programme – the future gas mask for the French armed forces, which will equip them for the next thirty years.

Jean-Marie Mathelin, deputy CEO of NBC-Sys, welcomes this inauguration which reinforces, according to him, “the position of NBC-Sys as the strategic supplier of CBRN individual protection solutions for the French armed forces for the next decades.”

Photo courtesy Nexter