NBC-Sys: our expertise, your protection

Le Bourget, 18 October 2016 – NBC-Sys, a subsidiary of leading European land defense company Nexter, is at the Euronaval trade show, presenting the naval applications of its acknowledged expertise in protecting against CBRN (chemical, bacteriological, radiological and nuclear) threats.

At a time when the threat of nuclear, bacteriological and chemical attacks is widespread, NBC-Sys is designing and producing various air filtration systems, particularly for latest-generation ships around the world and the French navy’s FREMM frigates.

This year, on the Nexter stand, NBC-Sys is exhibiting a marine filtration system with capacity of 2400m3/h, representative of those used on FREMM frigates, and a 300 m3/h NBC filter that forms part of those systems and is designed to be used against chemical warfare agents and particles using the “Citadelle” concept. The system overpressurises the vessel’s living quarters by pumping in purified air. The quantity of air is sufficient to counteract the dynamic pressure of the air on the walls and to maintain a good level of physiological comfort for long periods.

An innovative water purification system (E-Chlorinator), which allows chlorine to be produced using ordinary table salt and provides protection against bacterial contamination in almost 6,000 litres of drinking water per hour, is also on display.

Find NBC-Sys and its products on stand F7