Nexter reaffirms its presence in Canada during the CANSEC 2017 trade show

The system manufacturer-integrator and major land defence system supplier Nexter, part of the KNDS Group, will exhibit its range of products adapted to the operational requirements of the Canadian armed forces from 31 May to 1 June 2017 for the latest edition of the CANSEC trade show.

Nexter is confirming its artillery system know-how by the presence of a 1/10th scale model of the 105 LG1. Deployable by lightweight vehicle, helicopter or even by parachute drop, the 105 LG1 is easily-transportable in order to provide fire support to rapid reaction forces on the ground. This equipment is currently in service with the Canadian, Belgian, Colombian, Indonesian, Singaporean and Thai armed forces.

The Group, represented by its Mecar and Nexter Munitions subsidiaries, will also exhibit part of its 84 and 155 mm ammunition range, in order to meet the specific requirements of Canadian land systems. Mecar’s 84 mm ammunition can be used by the Carl Gustav weapon system currently in service in Canadian infantry units. As for the LU 107 ammunition, it meets the needs of artillery systems looking for ammunition comparable with conventional M107’s but with an increased range (22km instead of 18) with a similar price.

Following the sale of decontamination systems to the Canadian army in 2014, NBC-Sys now proposes an innovative explosive detection concept known as T-REX®. This system enables traces of explosive vapours to be detected and identified by the combination of 3 technologies (quartz crystal microbalance, SAW and fluorescence). Easily transportable, T-REX® can be used quickly and for a variety of usage concepts: from booby-trapped packages to automobiles and containers.

Finally, the NERVA® robot range and, more particularly, the Nexter Robotics NERVA® LG will be on show. This robot is able, in particular, to be used in combination with the NX70 drone, developed by Novadem, operating the latter further into the area under observation. This drone/robot combination broadens the operational capability spectrum (surveillance, reconnaissance) for their user. This NERVA® robot range can also fulfil a multiplicity of missions: detection of suspicious objects under vehicles, detection and mapping of NRBC threats, IED destruction, as well as night-time surveillance.