Nexter’s artillery range on display at Indodefence 2016

Jakarta, 31 October 2016 – With its centuries-long experience in the artillery field and historic partnership with the Indonesian armed forces, Nexter is proud to be presenting its range of artillery systems in Jakarta at the Indodefence exhibition from 2 to 5 November.

On Nexter’s stand (A017), visitors will be able to view the 105 LG1 light towed howitzer. Deployable by light vehicle, helicopter or even by parachute, the 105 LG1 is the world’s lightest 105mm assault artillery gun, and is ideal for providing supporting fire for rapid reaction forces. The 105 LG1 is in service with the armed forces of Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Belgium, Canada and Colombia.

Nexter’s flagship artillery product, the self-propelled CAESAR® 155mm/52-calibre howitzer will also be presented on the stand. In use by the armed forces of France, Thailand, Indonesia and a Middle Eastern country, it is combat proven in the French army’s missions in Afghanistan, Mali and Lebanon.

FINDART, Nexter’s firing control system, and the range of artillery munitions produced by Nexter’s ammunition business group, will also be presented on the stand, alongside Nexter Robotics’ NERVA® range of mini surveillance and reconnaissance robots.

Find Nexter and its products on stand A017