NVLS night vision goggles for Spanish Guardia Civil helicopter pilots

Madrid April 3rd, 2023 – The Spanish company NightVision Lasers Spain (NVLS) has once again been awarded a contract for the supply of night vision goggles for the Spanish Guardia Civil Air Service (SAER for its acronym in Spanish) for the next three years. This contract maintains the continuity to the previous ones, which began in 2010.

NVLSwill supply its Micro ANVIS HELgoggles, an optimal binocular solution for both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, these goggles provide high resolution and contrast vision, in a reduced size and weight, being the smallest and lightest on the market.

It mount 16mm PHOTONIS 4Gimage intensifier tubes with fast-autogating system, which guarantees the best resolution and contrast in any night lighting circumstance.

The Air Group of the Spanish Guardia Civil performs rescue, surveillance and security tasks, maintaining a heterogeneous mission supporting the units of the State Corps at all times. This service, whose work is essential to maintain the security of citizens, will count with newfangled means with which to carry out this essential work.

NVLS is proud to provide our cutting-edge technology to our State Security Forces and Corps.

Photo courtesy NVLS