OCCAR: 6th Programme Committee Meeting Convened at Taranto Military Shipyard

Taranto, 24 January 2024- The 6th Programme Committee Meeting took place at the Taranto Military shipyard and was attended by OCCAR-EA Director, Mr. Joachim Sucker, and the Programme Committee Representative, Vice Admiral Giuseppe Abbamonte (IT), bringing together all key stakeholders for a scheduled periodical update as well as to decide on crucial advancements.

One of the meeting’s primary focuses was on the important step ahead for the implementation of a cutting-edge Lithium Battery System on board the submarines. The LBS components prototype passed a relevant performance and safety test pack posing a milestone on the technical path for the implementation onboard.

The decision for lithium reflects a strategic move towards adopting more advanced and sustainable power storage solutions, ready to be implemented in the wider underwater and surface naval scenario. The Lithium Battery System Tests results envisaged higher submarines’ operational efficiency, simultaneously enhancing propulsion and endurance capabilities, reducing maintenance and granting highest levels of on-board safety.

This technological leap underscores the commitment of Italy to invest in advanced technologies and positioned at forefront of maritime defense capabilities.

Another key aspect addressed during the meeting was the presentation of the roadmap for the activation of the NFS 4 optional package, which will bring the total number of boats to four, along with their Logistic and In-Service Support.

Image courtesy OCCAR