OCCAR: ITS Duilio works successfully completed on time

9 February 2022 – Following a 17-month maintenance-docking period in La Spezia Arsenal for the entire platform, the Horizon class destroyer ITS Caio DUILIO is back in to operational service. To reach this result, the OCCAR FSAF/PAAMS Programme Division managed several complex activities: the preventive maintenance of Major Overhaul (MOH) on S1850M Long Range Radar (by Thales Netherlands – TNL)) and of the Vertical Launch System (by Eurosam[1]).  Additionally, there were preventive and corrective maintenance activities and checks for the whole PAAMS system in order to ensure to CINCNAV[2] the operational readiness of the ship in due time.

The activities were performed in Italy (La Spezia) and the Netherlands (Hengelo) with the involvement of national and local industrial stakeholders. It took substantial efforts by all Governmental entities, Industrial parties and the FSAF/PAAMS PD in the most collaborative spirit to coordinate all the daily activities that were foreseen on board with great number of technical experts, facilities and spares concerned with the multi-layered activities.

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All the works were planned and enacted using the three FSAF/PAAMS ISS contracts currently active, with the participation of all Industries involved in the Programme.

ITS DUILIO technical stop was in fact an opportunity to prove the importance of having a reactive and flexible set of international contractual tools. The integrated use of FSAF/PAAMS 16.ISS.01[3] contract with TNL for the execution of S1850M LRR MOH, FSAF/PAAMS 18.ISS.01[4] contract with Eurosam for VLS MOH and the 19.ISS.01[5] contract for consumables and services procurement, has effectively answered to the needs, given the time and resources constraints.

Moreover, the efficient Franco-Italian cooperation between MARICOMLOG[6] and SSF[7] in sharing spare parts and information was decisive in reaching the objective in the due time and for reducing costs and creating optimisation.

On Thursday the 3rd February 2022, despite COVID-19 constraints, the activities were successfully completed, respecting the schedule and ITS DUILIO PAAMS system was declared fully operational in due time to be deployed by Italian Navy.

OCCAR best practise and the management of the three FSAF/PAAMS In Service Support contracts has alongside the involvement of the National logistic and operational chains worked together to achieve the clear objectives and priorities. In doing so, this has permitted the synergies, for achieving efficiently the objective, avoiding duplicated expenses and achieving end user satisfaction.

[1] Eurosam is a GIE (Economic Interest Group) including MBDA (France and Italy) and THALES.

[2] CINCNAV: Comando in Capo della Squadra Navale (Italian Navy Fleet Command).

[3] In Service Support Contract for S1850M Long Range Radar.

[4] In Service Support Contract for PAAMS and SAAMs systems.

[5] In Service Support Contract for COTS, Consumables and Services procurement.

[6] COMLOG: Comando Logistico della Marina Militare (Italian Navy Logistic Command).[7] SSF: Service de Soutien de la Flotte (French Navy Fleet Support Service).

Photos courtesy OCCAR